Find find below all our Legal documents. Covers our Master Services Agreement
Acceptable Use Policies and Digital Services Agreement

Documents covering our Operating Services

Our legal terms of operating ..............

General Services Agreement

Master Services Agreement

This document will cover the range of services we provide and then expand on some of the specific services for detailed explanation of what we offer and under what terms..
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Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

By generating a document covering our Terms of Service we will mitigate the risks that 'Us' The Service provide will face and at the same time provide clarity and minimise risk exposure to our clients.

Modern Design

Digital Services Agreement

This Agreement governs your access to and use of the Digital Services TertiaryDNS and Customer may be referred to individually each as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties.”
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Getting to Understand the legalese

It is good practice to draw clear lines about our delivery and up front advise the client as to what exactly their rights are and our obligations are to them.
Overall this puts the client's mind at ease because they are aware that we intend to be clear about our service delivery and this helps in putting their mind at ease.

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Bare Bones Servers

Signing up to use Bare Bones Servers is quite different to signing up for virtual machines.
You acquire responsibility for the dtection of the hardware as onlu your organisation fully control of the server.
You will have to use the technical skills of your administrators to monitors all the server hardware.
You can also opt to have a managed SLA to provide managed service to replace non performing server hardware.
This does not remove our responsibility to provide you with proper hardware in the first place. That grey area will be covered in the bare bones server SLA.

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Automated Backups for Virtual Machines...Important

Delivering a professional service means one important fact......Disaster Recovery
Regardless of whatever service you are providing you do not want to lose data
Suppose you want to upgrade your VM specs, does your SLA provide for that...Yes

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Does your SLA provide for downtime Compensation

We work to ensure that we have Zero Downtime in our network service delivery
Hardware failure will occur and our duty is to ensure it is minimised and yes we do provide compensation and that is addressed in our SLA ...
If you hosting via a reseller all issues will have to be raised with your reseller

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105.49 Extremely Cheap

TertiaryDNS is based in Bristol in the South West of England, UK. We operate our services out of two data centres in Reading and Maidenhead and have been in operation since 1998.
Our expansion will see us have access to European data centres in the first quarter 2023
We are recruiting as we expand please check our jobs and careers link.

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